In this Pandemic times, ANANSA Technology and Services redirected its effort and focus on developing an innovative and highly performance mask. NanoProtectTM a high performing mask is developed by AVANSA Technology and Services in order to help community fight against Covid-19. NanoProtectTM mask and keeping physical (2 meter) distancing, we will help us to remain safe and fight against COVID-19.
NanoProtectTM mask have been designed to be suitable to use by daily commuters in the workplace, going outside in market, sports and exercise time. The fabric is non-allergenic, high breathability of fabric spreads heat quickly and provide greater comfort. NanoProtectTM mask is fulfilling the user requirement of protection,flexibility and reusability. NanoProtectTM mask is for all kids, youth and older generation.
NanoProtectTM is a mask with anti-bacterial and anti-viral capabilities. The mask is reusable up-to 100 washes makes it more economic and environmentally sustainable. Mask protects from virus, bacteria, dust, allergens and small air dust particles. The mask is having three layers consisting of layer for comfort, NanoProtectTM filtration layer with protection and a layer of hydrophobic coating that keep mask safe.
NanoProtectTM mask is manufactured with special fabrics and hand stitched layer to enhance the quality of the mask. This also help during the washing of mask and keep it in reusable condition with high filtration efficiency and antiviral activity. NanoProtectTM mask has efficiency to protect from bacteria, virus and small dust particles. It complies with standards of breathability and splash resistance.


  • Wash durable and reusable up to 100 Times.
  • 95% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency
  • Effective against virus, bacteria, spores, fine dust
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Compatible with facial movements
  • Excellent breathability
  • Premium quality fabric.
  • No stress on ears in case of long duration use
  • Flat-fold design for convenient storage
  • Designed to fit all face shapes
  • Low moisture formation for comfortable breathing

NanoProtectTM multilayered reusable cloth mask:

NanoProtectTM mask is an innovative product, developed by a team of scientists at AVANSA Technology and Services. The mask is washable up-to 100 times. NanoProtectTM mask is developed to provide protection to the wearer through its unique nanotechnology enhanced developed fabric technology.The mask has active antiviral layer which has the power to protect the wearer. NanoProtectTM has bacterial filtration efficiency of 95% and complies with ASTM standards for breathability.

Structural Sketch of mask

3 Layer


  • Anti Bacterial test AATCC100
  • Anti-viral test ISO18184:2019
  • Anti bacterial test- ISO 20743:2013
  • PFE % ASTM F2299: PFE >95% For >3mm
  • BFE % ASTM F2101: BFE >95% For >3mm
  • Breathability (ASTM)Eā€“ 96
  • Breathable ā–³P >35Pa/cm2
  • Splash resistant
  • ISO/CE/GMP Compliances

How to use mask properly


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this is a N95 Mask?

NanoProtectTM mask is not N95 mask but it has additional advantages of anti bacterial, antiviral and reusability.

Is this a medical grade mask?

No, it is not a medical grade mask.

What advantage does this mask have over other masks ?

  • Mask has an antiviral layer to kill the pathogen and protect wearer.
  • Mask is hydrophobic outer layer to repel any splash and aerosol.
  • Mask is reusable and durable up to 100 washes
  • Flat-fold design for convenient storage
  • Designed to fit all face shapes
  • Low moisture formation for comfortable breathing

What certifications do NanoProtectTM have ?

NanoProtectTM complies with:

  • Anti Bacterial test AATCC100
  • Anti-viral test ISO18184:2019
  • Anti bacterial test- ISO 20743:2013
  • PFE % ASTM F2299
  • BFE % ASTM F2101
  • Breathability ā€“ 96
  • ISO/CE/GMP Compliances.
Is the mask reusable ?

Yes, the mask is tested to reuse up to 100 washes.

How to wash and dry the mask ?

After use, hand wash mask gently with mild hot water and detergent. Dry in air. Store in a dry place under hygienic conditions.

Where can I order ?

You can place your order directly on our website, e-market places and authorized retailers.

When will my order be delivered ?

Depending on the quantity and your location, it may take up to 7-15 days to deliver you at your door step.

When should I change the mask ?

According to internal studies the NanoProtectTM mask can be used for long time and can be washed up to 100 times.

Where do I dispose the NanoProtectTM mask?

We suggest throwing used mask in dry waste bins or recycle bins.

Can I iron my NanoProtectTM mask ?

No ironing your mask is not suitable and not recommended.

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